Capital Engine | Offering
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Capital Engine provides term loans to UK businesses to finance growth and strategic events such as acquisitions and shareholder buyouts.

We have gained the confidence of borrowers and investors alike by following a dynamic due diligence process and thoughtfully tailoring and structuring each loan proposition.

Proposition for Borrowers
  • Raising a loan of £500,000 to £15 million is often difficult for a business unless the borrower and loan profile closely conform to bank standards
  • We serve businesses across most sectors: including tech, general corporate and financial services.
  • We bring the decision makers to the table
  • We provide loans within a reasonable time frame (generally a 4-6 week process)
  • We leverage alternative lends with the backing of institutional capital and individual lenders.
  • We can structure loans to match a range of corporate cash flows
  • We can arrange loans for LLPs as well as companies
  • We generally look for first ranking security, but security does not need to include property
Proposition for Lenders
  • We apply many years of corporate finance and credit experience to assess each opportunity.
  • We bring a chance to co-lend alongside our own funds.
  • We will monitor the borrowers for compliance with terms of the agreement, including financial covenants.
  • Since our first loan in June 2014, we have arranged over £27m of loans.